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The best of Asian herbs

Cleaning foam and face masks deliver a perfectly clean and nourished complexion. It is all thanks to the unique composition of JEJU tangerines and a complex plant extract from the Asian herb multiex bsasm. The patented extract components: Centella asiatica, Asiatic knotweed, licorice, green tea, rosemary leaf, gold particles and chamomile help keep skin silky smooth and well hydrated. In addition to that, extracts from Dioscorea Villosa (wild yam) and Kalopanax pictus clean the skin to perfection.

The cleaning foam is 100% free of chemical additives.

Extracts from 7 flowers

Toner, face mask and cream. It is a unique mixture of flower extracts that adds firmness to your skin. Even more it keeps your skin hydrated and fresh longer.  Trehalosa a Glycyrrhiza which are found in extracts from rose, cosmos, jasmine, lily, Russian iris, Mugunghwa and lotus keep the skin completely hydrated and complement superbly the brightening effects of tangerine.

Jeju tangerine

We choose tangerine peels for all of our products mainly because of their antioxidant properties along with an anti-aging effect. Vitamin C gives your complexion a youthful and fresh appearance. It supports the production of collagen and suppresses the emergence of microbes. Thanks to the hesperidin found in these tangerines the peels are able to contain up to 4 times more vitamin C. Moreover the hydration effect on the skin is increased and the skin looks fresh longer.

We are tangerines from the island of JEJU

The clean and beautiful island of JEJU is found between Korea and Japan. At the foundation of our values is a commitment to protect the wonderful nature found in the UNESCO nature preserve. That’s why we grow and harvest our tangerines in a way that respects nature. Qyo Qyo is an absolute symbol of beauty, cleanliness and conservation.

Why JEJU? The combination of volcanic soil, mineral water and clean air gives our tangerines their unique composition and characteristics. Qyo Qyo has in its products the best that the Earth can give to the tangerines.

The products of Qyo Qyo

About Qyo Qyo

Since 2016 Qyo Qyo products have been produced by the company Lala Co. Ltd directly on the island of JEJU. That is where the tangerines, whose fresh citrus peel is the main ingredient in our natural cosmetics, are grown and collected.

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